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The popular daytime TV show from the BBC named Changing rooms has had reinvent their image and TV bosses have decided to rename it The Great Interior Design Challenge.

The 12 part show will be leaded by design guru Tom Dyckhoff where amateur interior designers will be put up against each other.

Home owners across Britain will leave their bedroom, kitchens and living rooms in the hands of inexperienced amateur interior designers. More »

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The government has announced that it will be giving the elderly housing a boost of £200m for a major shake-up, this is part of a five year deal and will add 6,000 properties. The elderly population has increased and the government want to do as much as it can do give the best health care to the people.

Andrew Lansley Health Secretary said this will ease the pressure on the care homes as they have been questioned if they could hold the amount of people.

This has come very soon after the government were in heavy fire for their care work and the amount of money spent in that sector. Charity director general Michelle Mitchell said: “If the Government accepts the Dilnot recommendations in principle that is definitely a step forward and welcome, but with care in crisis now it is not nearly enough.


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Power Flush London specialise in making central heating systems run as efficiently as possible and help homeowners throughout London save considerable sums of mone

  • Improves central heating efficiency
  • Cuts down ’boiler noise’
  • Reduces heating bills
  • House heats up faster
  • Makes radiators last longer
  • Prolongs life of boiler
  • Improves flow and circulation of hot water
  • Removes sludge deposits to make radiators hotter
  • Cleanses and descales central heating system

Over time, many central heating systems in the London area have become less efficient due to the build up of ‘sludge’ caused by internal erosion. Power flushing, using modern purpose built equipment is the term used to explain the process which cleanses and improves the efficiency of central heating systems. This modern and very effective process works by pumping water at high pressure throughout the entire central heating system. The water is circulated over and over again to totally clean the system from the inside. It can usually be done in less than a day.

This modern cleansing process loosens deposits accumulating in the system formed by internal corrosion of the radiators and pipes. Once they are loosened, they are then placed in ‘suspension in the fast flowing water and flushed out of the system. To make the process more effective, specially formulated chemicals are mixed with the water, which helps to loosen any deposits much faster. In addition, the power flushing machine has a ‘reverse flow’ option to create turbulence in the radiators, to ensure the removal of any really thick sludge that may otherwise be difficult to eradicate.

If you need more information on powerflush visit this website: http://www.power-flush-london.co.uk


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PLANS to build a £15m housing development on a former school playing field have been put forward.

Southampton-based developer David Wilson Homes has formally submitted a planning application to Havant Borough Council for 76 homes on the former Purbrook Park School playing fields, off Stakes Road.
The new plans include 23 affordable homes and a developers’ contribution of £452,000 towards transport and public open spaces.
The development is out for formal consultation at the moment.

The plans include three two-bedroom houses, 38 with three bedrooms, 23 with four bedrooms, as well as 12 two-bedroom flats.
There would be new access for cars to Stakes Road and a new path for pedestrians to Stakes Hill Road.

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